Ashley Fell

Keynote Speaker

Ashley Fell is a Social Researcher, Author, TEDx Speaker and Director of Communications at the internationally recognised McCrindle.

Ashley delivers visually engaging, tailored, and research-based presentations for corporate, government and not-for-profit clients in Australia and overseas. Her topics include future trends, business insights, leadership
and communication skills.

Based in Sydney



With academic qualifications in communications and as a generational expert, Ashley understands that leaders need to inspire and engage employees and consumers and connect them with the organisation’s purpose and vision. Her expertise is in training and equipping leaders and teams on how to lead across generational divides; particularly Gen Y (popularly known as millennials), Gen Z and now the newest generation, Generation Alpha.

Ashley’s experience in creating engaging research-based content, strategising public relations, managing social media platforms and coordinating industry events, she is well positioned to advise on
how to achieve cut through in these message-saturated times.

In addition to delivering informative keynote presentations Ashley is regularly interviewed for print media, TV programs, radio and podcasts.