Christian ’Boo’ Boucousis

Keynote Speaker

Fighter pilot Christian ‘Boo’ Boucousis is a human behaviour and deep performance specialist and inspirational keynote speaker who explores a world beyond high performing teams and high-performance leaders.

Boo is a force of nature who can start or close any event and engage an audience like none other, he is a genuinely aspirational keynote speaker. He’s energetic and charismatic, surprisingly inspiring, and his deep performance mindset will excite and motivate your teams to tackle disruption head-on.

His story starts at 50,000ft before weaving through the Afghanistan mountains, the United Nations halls, and the boardrooms of Sydney, London, New York and Port Moresby.

Boo’s personal journey has been defined by a deep understanding of purpose-driven performance; he calls it Deep Performance. After fulfilling his childhood dream of becoming a fighter pilot, he transitioned from turning his jet at Mach 2.0, to turning over $200 million in his first business venture in the humanitarian sector. McDonalds, Zurich, Microsoft, Lenovo and Woolworths are but a few of the global leaders who’ve learned his secrets to embracing Deep Performance. The disruptive and sustainable high-performance mindset that creates genuine momentum for you and your organisation for years to come.

As a bestselling author, Boo is also a living, breathing example that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. He is obsessed with performance: he blogs, writes, coaches and mentors all things deep performance, and defines his success by the success of those he works with.

Based in Sydney



Christian ‘Boo’ Boucousis  Topics

Deep Performance.
Be the best of the best.
For leaders, sales and marketing teams, operational teams and general team performance.
High performance has its place in an organisation and deep down, we all need and want to perform and to be part of a high-performing, winning team. However, research highlights the stark reality, that not everyone can be, or wants to be, a high performer. However, we can all be deep performers!

This topic explores the power of deep performance. You’ll gain insights into the simple lessons and habits of the best of the best, from business leaders, the GOATs (that’s Greatest of All Time for the uninitiated!) and the uncompromising world of fighter pilots, and how to apply them in your business.

In this session you will learn:
1. The trust-based nameless and rankless methods used by fighter pilots globally to deliver exceptional outcomes and a win rate of 98%.
2. The relationship between Purpose, Time and Trust. Three powerful elements that can’t be bought and must be created, to drive organisational-wide velocity and sustained high performance.
3. How to create an agile and adaptive mindset, without the chaos and confusion.
4. How to create more time by investing in the right things and saying NO purposefully.

The GID Mindset – Get It Done

The secret to unlocking 400% more of everything.

For sales. Productivity, engagement, resilience, agile ways of working and change management.

The world around you is accelerating. We look at emerging research on how organisations can take advantage of disruption to not only keep pace with change, but to accelerate ahead of it. We’ve all heard the phrase. We need to buy time? Well unfortunately you can’t! In an accelerating world, mastering the time you have is fundamental to success.

If we can’t buy more time, how do we create it? The GID mindset is a way of getting your people to think fast and work in unprecedented synchronicity – it’s the future for humans to work in the era of digitalization and automation. It’s about focus, getting it done rather than things or stuff done.
In this session you will learn:
1. The value of sustained high performance (or deep performance) for you, your team and your customers
2. A simple four step structure that helps you think quick and create velocity to gain the competitive edge
3. Keep it simple. How to create more time in your day through greater alignment in thought, action and impact
4. The GID mantra and why focusing on big picture outcomes rather than tasks is the key to success
5. Close the Say-Do gap. How to build trust by doing what we say we’re going to do (and do the right things in the first place!)