Daniel Yeow

Keynote Speaker

Daniel Yeow is a Registered Psychologist and Consultant.

He is an expert on resilience, well-being, motivation, and high performance.

His work in high stake settings including law enforcement and forensics enables him to bring professional insight into the human mind, behaviour, performance and the principles of psychology to help individuals enhance their capability, maximise their performance, and overcome adversity.

Armed with his work as a clinician, lecturer, and teacher, Daniel’s unique style combines clinical experience and real-life examples with a fusion of mentalism and interactive exercises.

Based in Adelaide


Resilience Keynote


With this topic, Daniel delves into the internal set of armour that we all possess, known as ‘resilience’. To build resilience is to enhance our ability to overcome challenges, to problem solve effectively, to remain positive and motivated, and respond constructively to adversity.

Dan shares three powerful strategies to develop, improve, and reinforce resilience. These techniques are grounded in research, have been rigorously stress-tested in high stake settings, and most importantly –they work.

When the audience learns these techniques, they will be able to apply them to their business and personal lives.

Resilient individuals means resilient families, businesses, and communities.