Richard Bowles

Keynote Speaker

Richard Bowles is the founder of Adventure Alchemy, and five-time world record-breaking Australian adventurer. He is also a multi-disciplined educator, executive advisor and top 20 rated APAC speaker. His risky adventure experiences and unique research have enabled him to accelerate his clients’ performance and organisational progress. His work features in international media including CNN and Sky News and the 9 Ten and 7 TV networks.

Richard’s claim to fame is running 13,000km+ across the world’s longest mountain trails, an inspirational and motivating story in itself. As a result Richard is often referred to by the media as the Forrest Gump and Bear Grylls combination for his ability to persevere and tackle any extreme situation.

His most recent adventure, the subject of a newly produced documentary was living on the streets of India for a week, putting himself in the shoes of the Rickshaw pullers discovering the human spirit that drives these men to work 18 hours a day in the most oppressive conditions.

Based in Melbourne



His extraordinary personal story starts from modest beginnings; he failed school, worked in construction, retail, drove a truck, made cold calls all before competitively growing a successful sales leadership career. From there he co-pioneered a global sponsorship consultancy and established a national annual convention which saw over a thousand delegates attend from all around the world.

Richard Bowles has dedicated his life to exploring how success can arise from within chaos. His miraculous accomplishments, which include surviving volcano eruptions, crocodile-infested rivers and missile fire, have given him a unique perspective on how individuals can succeed even when the odds are stacked against them. Bowles’ expertise helps people thrive in the face of adversity.

Adventure Alchemy is an award-winning learning and development consultancy that undertakes extreme adventure experiments to offer clients extraordinary experiences.

Their world-record-setting adventure experiments have put them in unique situations; from volcano eruptions, crossing crocodile-infested rivers, ducking under missile fire in desert warzones, living on the streets of India, facing disembowelment with Japanese monks and living from the land in a remote Indigenous community.

They believe that inspiring and innovative leadership can’t come from conventional sources and that traditional methods are grossly inadequate. In order to meet the needs of modern businesses, things need to be done very differently, and that’s exactly what they do. They work with top psychologists and scientists to understand the secrets of change, resilience and high-performance in an unpredictable world.