Vinh Giang

Keynote Speaker

If you want your event to have WOW power. Mesmerizing messages that spark electrified engagement with your audience. Empowering connection to the speaker, story, and enlightening strategies. What you need is a Keynote Speaker who can literally read people with extraordinary accuracy. A Magician. A Showman. A Storyteller. It’s Vinh Giang.
Vinh Giang mesmerizes his audience with vivid demonstrations of how to enhance business presentations. Vinh uses the kinds of simple (yet effective) methods that magicians have practiced for centuries. When it comes to business communication, Vinh’s credo is also simple: “It’s not what you do, it’s how you present it.”

Based in Adelaide



Vinh understands the entrepreneurial spirit and mindset from his parents, who fled Vietnam to Australia in 1981; they went on to start up multiple businesses. His father’s belief that “life is a miracle” inspired Vinh to see the possibilities in his own life.
Vinh travels the world, teaching communication skills and engaging audiences with energy and flair. Using the themes of perspective, empowerment, goal setting, and positive mind-set, he encourages others to believe in the possibility for positive change in their lives and business ventures. He demonstrates how to block out negative influences, while gaining and maintaining a positive attitude.
Vinh teaches sales teams to re-imagine their approach to every sales opportunity. “Every encounter is a performance,” he points out, and then proceeds to spell out how to make each encounter not only meaningful but memorable.